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Energy Performance Certificates - FAQs

Who Are We?

Energy Performance Certificates are a highly committed and professional company. We provide you with highly qualified Domestic Energy Assessors nationwide to gather important information on your property’s energy efficiency levels and present you with an energy performance certificate (EPC) at a competitive price.

Whatever your property/building our energy assessors are experienced in all fields from homeowners to commercial businesses and will ensure that your energy efficiency requirements are of the highest standards.

Our company covers all the UK including Wales and Scotland, thus making us one of the largest and most proficient Energy Performance Certificate suppliers in the UK. We also supply gas safety certification, boiler servicing and electrical checks.

Bookings can be made on line or if you prefer to phone, call us Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm or Sat-Sun 10am - 5pm where a friendly and helpful member of staff will be happy to assist you.

How Can I Order An Energy Performance Certificate?

It is such an easy process to book an EPC inspection through us. You can simply visit our website and click on ‘EPC Quote’ link, which will ask you to complete a brief and straightforward form that will provide you an instant quote. Or, should you wish to speak to someone you can call us direct on 0203 397 8220.

After booking the EPC, one of our local assessors will phone you within 2 working days of the order. During this conversation they will require some details from you and a payment in advance. Our prices start from a competitive rate of £36.00 in selected areas.

Following the initial telephone call from the Assessor, he will make a follow up appointment to call to you and gather all the relevant information to proceed with the EPC assessment.

Once this information has been formatted and calculated your completed Energy Performance Certificate will then be available to download by following the “Track My Order” link.

If you are still uncertain or have any further enquiries then you are more than welcome to call us on 0203 397 8220 or email us directly on

The A To G Scale

Energy Performance Certificates use a scale of A to G. ‘A’ being the most efficient home, with lower fuel bills. The same scale is used to define the environment impact of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of a home. Most properties in Britain are band D or E.

An EPC recommendation form is included to show occupiers ways to improve their energy efficiency levels. The EU directive requires improvements that are cost effective in reducing fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Home Inspectors/Domestic Energy Assessors use the RDSAP program to ensure these recommendations although general, are bespoke to the property in question.


The responsibility for the provision of an EPC rests with the owner, seller or landlord. With a new build the person carrying out the work must obtain an EPC and inform the building control officer or approved inspector this has been completed in the specified period.

A seller or landlord must pay for the initial EPC inspection, providing the prospective buyer or tenant with an EPC prior to entering into a sale or lease agreement.

A simple procedure, the householder must book an EPC inspection with a local Domestic Assessors who will visit the property and examine key items such as loft insulation, windows for double glazing etc. These observations are calculated, whereby an EPC is issued with a recommendation form attached.

The certificate shows the energy efficiency levels and environmental carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions with a recommended value of the potential for improvements.

How We Calculate It

With a brand new and updated EPC ordering system, we can now ensure that we will provide you with the highest standard and top quality service with our nationwide Domestic Assessors. Our prices are extremely competitive and are fully compliant to the Energy Performance Certificates regulations.

Key Points To Look For

When you choose an EPC inspection company, you should ensure that the after care and information access is easily obtainable. The organisation should be able to provide you with full access to your EPC for the next 10 years, the length of its validity.

Without An Energy Performance Certificate Can I Market My Property?

Yes, you are allowed to place your property on the market or rent but you must ensure that you have ordered and paid for an Energy Performance Certificate beforehand. We will supply you with your order confirmation immediately after booking it.

Can I Rent Without An Energy Performance Certificate?

Yes, you can place an advertisement to rent or lease your property once you have arranged an order and pre-paid for an Energy Performance Certificate survey. Confirmation of your order will be forwarded to you immediately after the EPC has been booked.